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NBA Draft Thoughts

Posted on: July 3, 2009 10:54 pm

Once again, the big man may be the continued downfall of a team drafting in the top three. Hasheem Thabeet finds himself a grizz!! If any of us owned a business and a potential candidate would not even interview with us, would we hir them? Is any one else puzzled by the fact that Memphis would take this Shawn Bradley/Manute Bol clone? I mean come on, the guy blows off the workout for no reason and you still take him... make absolutely no sense to me.

Enough of the that, on to a little of winners and losers.. and one thing i would like to mention is that i am strongly taking into consideration the value these teams got or didn't for the players selected at their gien spots as opposed to just the player:


San Antonio: is anyone surprised by this?? I was all over Blair for leaving early (as far as basketball skills are concerned, i clearly understand the personal aspect for the jump)... as sad as it must of been for him to fall into the 2nd round, he could not of ended up in a better situation on a contender like the Spurs under the toutalage of pop and Duncan... i can only hope he gets the financial reward he was looking for in a few years after playing well and getting in the spotlight... none the less this was an incredible value pick for the spurs in the 2nd round

New York: The Knicks get a solid big man in Jordan Hill who seems eerily similar to David Lee mid way through the lottery... then they pay cash for douglas from fsu who was and will be a solid contributor on any team he plays for...

Chicago: rumor had it johnson and Teague were like oil and water at wake, regardless Johnson has the skills and size to be in this league for a long time and was another tremendous value at 16... Taj Gibson has all the makings of a p.j. brown clone in this league for years to come.. who wouldn't love a guy like that for 10 years...

Philly: Could they have been more excited to have Jrue on the board when they know Andre Miller is gone!? Perfect fit for the sixers and holliday...


Minnesota: Come on with this... Rubio AND Flynn? Would kill me if i'm a t'wolves fan... Only way out of this is if they are able to deal runio for a boat load... i love flynn, even where they took him, but this is too big a gamble to depend on a deal of rubio when they could of taken derozan or hill to add significant depth to their squad,m especially given the dollars these guys get in this round... will rubio ever play in minnesota or just stay overseas??? I will also add that the pick of lawson and dealt for a pick may or may not end up working out, but again, too many question marks going on here... then they draft calathes who is locked in with a greece club? Come on t'wolves how about drafting more than one player with your ample picks that might actually suit up

Phoenix: Is this a fantasy draft or reality? sure clark has all the size and talent, but the guy never stepped up for l'ville in the big east when he was clearly the most talented player on the floor... this pick wreaks of hype vs. performance

That's all i'm gonna rate for now... There is a reason the Jazz, Spurs, Pacers, Sixers just as an example are consistently competetive throughout the years, they come up big with their mid round picks...

This is the first post for me, i look forward to any and all feedback and will be continually updating during the upcoming football season as well..


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